January 28, 2012

Traditional Market

Today, I went to traditional market near Ambarukmo Plaza, Its a long time I really want to go there, but there is always little obstacle to go there... But today after long time I went there alone.

This the first time I went to traditional market, I never thought that traditional market is really exist. It situation not too crowded as I thought, coz maybe it was 08.00 AM. That was really fun to go there coz the prices are cheaper than supermarket. I bought vegetables and that was really cheap and I got a lot, so fun went shopping there, and I thought traditional market not really dirty, yeah I thought that was enough. Cant compare to the supermarket that have air conditioner and huge place, and tidy section by section. When I went traditional market, it was mess up, coz section by section was really random, made me confused where I have to go to buy vegetables. 

When I learned about micro economic, I really think that traditional market will disapear because of supermarket or hypermarket, coz a lot of people said that supermarket is cheap, and people like to shop at supermarket becoz really comfortable, clean, cold, and cheap. That was my perception before I went there. But that's not true about the price, coz in traditional market is cheaper than supermarket, really cheap....And lot of stuff sold there.

For another situation, I more like shop at traditional market than supermarket...Maybe for daily needs for example shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc, I like shop at supermarket, but for foods for example vegetables, traditional foods like cake, household equipment I like shop at traditional market.

For my next plan, I want learning cooking, and for the supplies I can buy at traditional market. When my cooking is failed, I'm not really spend more money coz I shop at traditional market....HOw bout ur opinion guys? have u ever gone to traditional market?

January 21, 2012


Nowadays, I heard a lot 'bout SOPA and PIPA via internet, one of large hosting, pioneer hosting from 2005-2012 now closed by USA Goverment, related to SOPA and PIPA is Megapload. U know that hosting website have profit million US Dollar per year...

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), that's protect about copyright, especially film industry, music industry... NOwadays we can download whatever songs, films, from form DVD, Bluray, software etc, it makes thats industry loss a lot every year..

Actually I used that account for download songs, and never buy original CD. When every hosting web closed by Goverment, Don't know what happen then. In Facebook, Twitter lot of people getting protest for that act. 24th January, Senate will announce the result...Don't know what will happen, coz it will affect many bussiness and economic not only in America, but in other countries too, include Indonesia.... 

When is SOPA and PIPA legitimate, Google can't index any hosting website, coz if that website banned by Goverment , so Google will lose their revenue from ads, when people click that website...
But until now, Google haven't made protest....maybe waiting for the result..

I hope that would never happened, it's not cool anymore, when u surf just for facebook and twitter, u can't download what u like.....What will I do? I just waiting and waiting and hope that will not happen..

Sumtime I think about, what will happen when we can't access internet again? like old times, when internet just for army not for public, How can I change my habbit? that's really make a lot effort. coz nowadays internet is part of life style, and so many bussiness basic on internet. For example Amazon.com will close rite? coz they just sell books from website.....

And also my online shop, that can limit my expansion rite? when u have internet for ur bussiness, u can over the limit, all people from another place can buy ur product..And that will affect Blackberry users, when u can't Blackberry Messenger again, and can't access ur browser from ur Blackberry, that's really not cool.

HOw about u? do u agree for SOPA and PIPA ?what ur reason?

January 19, 2012

Tiring Day

Today is very tiring day, from early morning, start my daily activity...seems like my work never been done.....There is a lot of plan in my head, I write in my note what comes first to do....But today even I work from morning until now, my list still long long long.....

I want my day become a productive day, I just my list shorter, everyday my list more and more again, I have to think another ways how to work fast. I have tons of idea and tons of plan. That is my path to success. I know that now I am nobody, and nothing, but I will be somebody and something....so optimistic rite? Don't care what people said....Just keep moving and moving.

Lately, I wrote my blog in english, coz it is practice for me to make my english better, even I really seldom use english in daily conversation. That's not because I more like english than Bahasa Indonesia, but when I use english it's like more people can read my writing, not just Indonesian.... I'm not blogger, I just love writing, and express my self in writing. My problem or my stress become less when I can express in writing....

Maybe when u read this, u can see my worse grammar, hopefully can understand what I talked about. My resolution for this year, one of them is write my blog everyday, but it is very hard when u have tons of activity....I like being busy, and like being productive, like learn something new everyday....

Hopefully can write something useful day by day, now I'm ready to sleep. Good nite...Nitety nite...

January 18, 2012


Life is about process, process being succes, process being a good person. I really don't know what's wrong with me lately, I got envy with other people's life, seems like they life is very easy and straight, compare with my life so mess up and have a lot of challenges...

Life is hard when u don't have any people to share with, maybe bestfriend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or parents....I am a quiet person, don't really talk much bout my personal stuff to anyone, just keep in my mind, just shared a little bit even to my boyfriend...I don't know how to share deeply, Its not come out, don't have words, If I really stressed , I just keep quiet until I felt asleep...

When I see other's life, I really think that their life are easy, but deep down not all of them like I thought....They have problems, obstacles, challenges. I just see the outside and can't see inside....Nowadays, I don't know what's goin' on with me, just start thinking bout my ex's life. He married last years, with his old friend... I start curious bout his new life, really don't know why its happen... Is that normal u want to know how his life, is better than u or not, and is he happy or not...I think now its not important anymore, coz he just my past, and I not supposed look back....I start think to move forward to think my life. That's not because I still have feeling for him, but I really don't want his life better than me...really selfish isn't it?

But life is about forgive I think, forgive someone is hard, coz maybe it make u hurts, and difficult to forget past....but those things make u more mature, more wise. I had bad time in the past, and really tried to forget. The process is not easy just I think..

Life is about make people u loved happy, It was really hard, to make ur parents or someone proud of u...And back to basic is lot of people describe succes to much money, how much u produce money, how much u spend money, how much time u have to waste looking for money...Do u think that money can buy everything? include happiness? Logic think that is true, in reality that money can buy ur loyality, ur respect, etc. For example when I give parking man Rp.5000, he turns to act super duper nice, and help for the sign of parking. And the other time I give him again, he already provided parking land for me....Is that prove that money can buy everything? Hmmmm, actually I really hate become that person who give more money to that parking man, It just because I want to know how he react.

Life is about care other people who really needs ur help, really?, maybe I'm the selfish person, I had friend, she always message me or phone me when she needs money, I helped her again and again, but seems like she really don't know how to manage money well, she came with all reason, her father in hospital, her daughter, her mother, her brother, etc. Omg, Why u have to like that, shamed ur self in front of ur friend....

Life is about complete ur self with happiness, that is everyone purpose life in this world I think. Or maybe there is another purpose life? I don't know, that's depend on each person...

In the last, life is about sacrifice, when u become a mother u make a sacrifice for ur children, how they school well, how they eat well, how they have a nice clothes, how they feeling etc... Like every mom in the world must be like that. For me my mom is the best, she made a lot of sacrifice for me and for my brothers... I really love her, I really want to make her proud....Thats one of my dream, I want my mom, my dad happy.

January 02, 2012

New Day

Today is 3rd in Januari 2012, there is a lot of new things have to explore and have to do.But mostly I really excited to do those things...Daily work really exhausted and hectic, but part of me enjoyed that, I think that's part of being success. Success for me is about do what I love and love what I do... It doesn't matter what people said about me, about being crazy at work, about too ambitious 'bout my dream, just me who know what that for.

This year is about respect, I really don't understand why most people judging someone just from their appeareance,richness, etc. That's really suck, few people judging me from what things I have, for example Do I have a fancy car? Do  I have a beautiful house? Is that important for you know all of that?

When u have those things seems like all people respect you, even people u don't know before. Hmmm.... Am I will like those people? hopefully not, coz most people really look me from my appeareance. that's not fair ha? What about personality? Is personality not important anymore lately?

I'm not coming from rich family, but I respect people because they deserved that, not becoz they rich or they have a lot of money....When I was child I think I can have respect if I have a great rank at school, and later I think when I get my master I can have respect from people, but not only that in fact, the first thing is money, its all about money.

Money can change people, even brotherhood and sisterhood...Money really has power to do all that...YEah some people said happiness is all about money.  I'm not gonna say not agree or agree, but all I feel that money is important for me, for doing something or buying something that I like, money can make all things easier...U can agree or not agree with my opinion. Someone always says that money is not everything, he dedicated himself for another people...really salute...I realize I don't have kind hearted like that, all I care is about my self, about how I reach my dreams....How selfish I am.. Today, I think how to be part of care about other people who needs our help (money, hands, etc).